Friday, October 16, 2009

Down The Rabbit Hole

The world just gets curiouser and curiouser. Here, the day after what the world thought was young Falcon's odyssey, we are now seeing more down to Earth possibilities. However, I am not so sure everything has landed as safely as the jiffy-pop balloon.

Drudge has an interesting link to this video from the show where families swap wives. What a lovely concept for a family show.

When did the world become overpopulated with people fruitier and nuttier than Marmoset droppings. Flying saucers, dissipating a tornado ( this guy is a tornado chaser and doesn't realize the tornado we see is only a wee little piece of the entire structure additionally getting all worked up over a simple dust devil, ???) self-deluded entertainment mogul children, a Yoko wannbe and a psyhic. 

So be it. That's their business until it starts costing others money. But what really eats at me is that their houses appear to be in the 300-400K range? Is there labor demand for nut cases ?  What am I doing wrong ?  Got my degree ( check ),  have been a conscientious employee, hard worker and team player ( check ), have conducted my own business honestly ( check ), make a bit more than the national average, ( check ) ,have no kids to raise yet there is no way I could comfortably afford  those homes in those locations.  Maybe  I should look into being a psychic  or an alien genealogist tracing  family histories back to their planetary origins?


nanc said...

Iopian - yesterday I was sick to my stomach as i watched that thing spinning about for two hours and then someone on another post did the math and stated there was no way the child could have been inside as it would only hold ten to fifteen pounds max - although somewhat relieved, I didn't believe it until the child appeared. Can you say "BUTTWHUPPING"?

IOpian said...

From the behavior of their kids in that video I don't think they attempt to control the kids.

Have to admit it was a really good scare. Cops didn't search that house very good.

nanc said...

o.t. check out what watcher did!