Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Pay Day on the Plantation

Pay Day for the workers on the Democrat Plantation in Detroit.

Well.. they got their Change. Hopes not looking too good either.

I have no problem with a Work-Fare concept. But just giving it away makes it free money, nothing ventured. There is real work to be done in Detroit just cleaning up the mess. I see no problem with infrastructure stimulus. Governments would actually get value for dollars spent and citizens would rightly earn their money. A job gives one not only income but a sense of self-value.

Neuron Eruption! I am reminded of a story about life's struggles.

The gist is the liberal way of thinking, the point is the conservative way of thinking. Or as Sir Paul has said "Let It Be". Detroit is an example of liberal philosophy applied and the results.

My 'teachable moment' here is this: When you are down, the person offering you a handout does not necessarily have your interest in mind as much as the person offering you a hand up though you will have to struggle. Two choices; remain obediently on the plantation, living on massa's scraps, or get to your feet and take charge of your life, your neighborhood and your city.


nanc said...

hammer posted an apropos video for this one awhile back. this detroit business is reminiscent of post katrina when they gave all the "refugees" visa cards and they bought such necessities as african briefcases! i'm pist now, thank you.

IOpian said...

That video is astonishing. A nuke could go off there and nobody would notice a difference.

This is what happens when minorities are warehoused and given the incentive to do nothing more than breed even more voters.

Nobody has mentioned yet all of the gunshot wounds, stabbing, drug OD's from the wars going on in these places that drive up the cost of health care.

nanc said...

yeah, but let u.s. throw some more money at them! that'll make it all better! see me being happy? *8]