Saturday, October 31, 2009

Waaaa.... burgers for all.

Long ago I read of an experiment. I think it may have been Piaget but the particulars are in the hazy fog of aging. However the point of the experiment is what I remember. It was a test of the aggression produced by testosterone. The subjects were little toddlers. A clear barrier was placed between the mother and child. There were two types of behavior these babies exhibited. On average when the baby girls confronted the barrier they became frustrated and cried. On average the little boys tried to push through the barrier.

Pick the future 'progressive'.

Today the same kinds of people have grown up in a world full of barriers but they still exhibit those same tendencies. One exception being that once they become conditioned to society, where boys are raised like girls and girls raised like boys the separation of behavior by hormone is masked by social conditioning.

But there remains two types of people; there are those, when confronted with barriers do nothing but fall on their padded butts and cry for mommie to solve their problems and there are those that attempt to push through those barriers not asking for any help.  Sometimes getting angry when mommie tries to help them.

Those demanding cradle to grave help are the padded butt criers. The solution to any problem is to cry until nanny comes and picks them up. They demand social justice and fairness.

One such person is Nancy Pelosi. I recall that she cried about gender bias when she was in contention against Harold Ford Jr. for the position of minority leader. She stomped her feet and threw a hissy until she got what she wanted.

That is our problem today. Too damn many cry babies. Sometimes I wonder if our country couldn't use an old fashion financial collapse complete with bread lines full of formerly wealthy people. Many people in our country could use a dose of reality like that which made the Great Depression and war era generation the Greatest Generation. Of course that kind of economy had its downside with the famous gangsters of the era. We already have a head-start there;our Bonnie & Clyde.... are already in the government.


nanc said...

The use of the term "that's not fair" would earn a the crier the loss of a privilege at our house.

IOpian said...

When someone tells me something isn't fair I have a couple prepared responses:

"Complain to God, he wrote the rules"

"I know what you mean, it isn't fair that I wasn't born rich instead of exceedingly witty"

"No the fair only comes around once a year."

"Show me the fairness law."

Kelly said...

A principal at a local elementary school where my children once attended said, "Fair doesn't mean equal."

And there you have it.