Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jimmy Obama

We Apologize Europe.
Next time we'll elect an American.

Obama to Eastern Europe: Bend Over.
Russia to Obama: Da. Da, Comrade.

If the Europeans get nuked by Iran Obama will be responsible for the deaths of thousands. In that case he should be tried for war crimes along with the Iranians. He's the guy that would have left the gate open and invited them in.

Quite frankly I wonder if Obama would welcome the destruction of London as payback for its colonialism. A dream from his father?

I have made this image to show why the Czech Republic and Poland are so important. I have a feeling that Obama's advisers have been working with too many flat maps.

For the second time in my adult life I am embarrassed for my country. This time for spitting in the eyes of a good ally.

Russia is not a good ally. Obama is simply afraid of Putin. Like a poodle to a pitbull.

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