Friday, September 11, 2009

Silent No More

While googling for that 'just right pic' of 'We The People' for tomorrow's eye candy march on Washington I ran across Rebus Report. Interesting read. I don't find it all that nefarious but rather another legacy of our history. For both Man and Nation, entry into this world is messy and a struggle. But the argument is laid out in a convincing manner. The point being made is similar to something I encountered in my past and vehemently opposed; loss of our sovereignty to a world body.

In college, I put on a big fuss over having to swear allegiance to the nation and the state before I could get paid money they owed me. I wrote a lengthy protest listing the reason why. I eventually signed ( with protest ) so I could eat. At the time the President of the college warned me that if I ever sought public office my complaint would be public record. Here, some fifteen years later, we are closer to that world I would not submit to.

At the end of the quest I found a great pic From ATR - Americans for Tax Reform
.... with a little editorial comment from me of course...

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