Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It used to be cool until Microsoft took ownership.

I am trying to think of something where government intervention into a effort actually improved it and lowered cost. My two best candidates were NASA and the military but budgets become meaningless and are buried by cost overruns.

It reminds me of the history of browsers. In my graduating year the web browser was the latest greatest thing of the day. For most my college days we used the internet from the command line. If we wanted to download something we actually had to type in 'Ftp' and ip address. MS Workgroup for Windows was just coming into the market and talk was everywhere about this graphic interface to the internet, the W3 Project.

My first browser was Mozilla. It was simple but you had to download a winsocket and perform other geek-oriented task. No whistles and bells. What you needed is what you got. Then Netscape burst on the scene, still a basic no nonsense browser but it had a cool look to it. Life was good. Microsoft then realized they needed to be playing this game. Along comes Internet Explorer ( exploder ) heavy with whistles, bells and integration into the OS to 'improve' your browsing experience. They ruined a simple effective system. Thankfully Google Chrome ( Mozilla ) browsers has brought sanity back into vogue.

Government will do the same with health care. All these whistles and bells will 'improve' your health care experience. Yeah... ok... whatever.


nanc said...

my question - is chrome better than plain old mozilla? that's what i use.

IOpian said...

Chrome has a few obscure bugs in it but they won't show up with normal task. Haven't used regular Mozilla for a long time. But if you check the 'about' menu options on any browser you'll see they are all based on Mozilla. So why use anything else if under the hood they are all the same thing. Why not just use the real deal is my thinking.

Personally I detest all of this feature richness junk. I want to get to a page and couldn't care less about drop-downs and pop up and I survived a long time without tabs.

Think I'll look into this Mozilla thing.

IOpian said...

I see... Firefox IS Mozilla. I use Firefox but it frustrates me at times with how long it takes to load and all of this plugin update crap. which is my point.

With Chrome it is a minimalist browser. It has just what you need to browse. Very bare but it is fast.

nanc said...

i've somewhat customized my browser to fit my needs and it's pretty fast - i like mozilla - i keep the bare minimum on the taskbars.