Thursday, September 10, 2009

Call Them Out

Obama has asked that those spreading disinformation should be 'called out'. Joe Wilson was doing what he asked.

I wonder what thoughts were going through their heads:


nanc said...

pop had me rewind this part several times just so he could LOL!

IOpian said...

I cut a short clip starting where 'you lie' heard and Pelosi looks back to the front. Her expression is like an angry mom when something interrupts her daughter's wedding.

I also have one of the Nancy shudder.

When you go through the video it is really one of those common facial expressions where she is visually answering a whispered Biden question. She looks for the seating arrangement then indicates no by srunching her nose and shaking her head slightly.

Biden probably asked if whoever blasphemed was one of theirs.

In the clip Obama says Government Controlled and then she makes that face.