Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Digital Guerrillas

Alinsky died in 1972. He never saw the modern world in his rules. He never coud have envisioned that two young people armed with video and audio could bring down a nationwide movement. Obama and others have cultivated this Alinsky inspired movement to fundamentally kill off traditional American culture over decades. This government is the one they have been waiting for in hopes of changing America forever.

Obama has calculated what will be needed. The first thing is to incorporate business, unions, media and academia into a fascist coalition. At the same time they will conscript the underlings as foot soldiers. Once in power, the first order of operation is to allocate funds to support this infrastructure. The groundwork was laid long ago by playing on emotion and passing laws that would eventually stress the existing system while rewarding the underlings with homes they couldn't afford. The collapse of this system would provide the confusion to embezzle from the Treasury the needed financing. Obama seeks legions of foot-soldier to surrender themselves to his cause by building a domestic army of citizens as funded and equipped as the military.

But a funny thing happened on the way to dictatorship. The watchdogs were exposed to be in the enemy camp. The people of a digital age were confounding the effort. In the same way the original patriots used unconventional means to defeat the greatest army of their times two young patriots sneaked into the enemy camp and disrupted the Obamanites supply lines. It remains to be seen whether or not their forces will collapse.

Although it will never be uttered by state media the name of O'Keeffe and Giles deserve equal standing to Woodward & Bernstein. Two young people bring the whole thing down with a digital camera. Other patriots have gathered for months, created their own lines of communication, they've financed their own way and are at the point they can't be ignored or ridiculed anymore.

We are all Digital Guerrillas. The Left should be realizing they've built a strawman of the Right only to discover we can read Alinsky too. They have misunderestimated us.

Alinsky didn't think of this.

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