Sunday, December 21, 2008

President Ahnold

Schwarzenegger wants to be President.

Not a problem Arnold. Here's a couple of steps to follow:

1. Go to Austria and have your birth certificate sealed.
2. Hire a bunch of lawyers to make sure nobody can review it.
3. Change your political affiliation to Democrat.
4. Claim you were actually born in the USA and have someone print up a bogus BC.
5. Post it on Kos or FactCheck. They will gladly assist.
6. Hire a group called ACORN to do 'advance' work for you in places where they vote
early and vote often like Ohio, Chicago, Philadelphia and cemeteries.
7. Do not neglect the illegal immigrant vote.
8. Concentrate on areas where people do not work like inner urban areas and
universities. These people are suckers for anything you promise them.

Don't worry, nobody is going to actually validate where you were really born as long as you have that (D) by your name. The Constitution doesn't mean that much any more with one party rule. You're in man. The American dream come true: If you can't win it honestly then cheat like hell until you get it.

P.S. It might not hurt to pal up with George Soros and do a little butt snuggling.
He's the guy that is selling the job and you might save a little money if he's your bud.


nanc said...




IOpian said...

I've been thinking this morning ( when I should have been working ) that there are some possible ways to force Obama to reveal his real birth certificate.The one with his birth weight, time of delivery, the name doctor that delivered him etc. I know mine has all that and my little bitty footprint on it plus the raised seal.

But it will require courage which is a rare commodity these days among the politically addicted.

What if someone in the military challenged the legitimacy of one of his directives saying that our nation's defense is too serious of a matter and he wants proof of Obama's qualification. Obama tries to fire him and he refuses to recognize Obama's power to do so on the very same grounds. The Supreme Court would have a hard time sweeping that under the rug.

IOpian said...

Meant to put in Joint Chiefs.... my hands tend to lag behind my brain and find myself leaving out things.

nanc said...

you should write a mystery novel regarding this very issue!

IOpian said...

I'd have to do it. I know no Hollywood screenwriter would go near the concept... unless it was a Republican President and a liberal general.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, I.

IOpian said...

You Too !! Be Safe and Well

Anonymous said...

Thanks. You too. :)