Thursday, December 04, 2008

AllahCo Now Hiring Immediately

Due to an uptick in business
AllahCo is in immediate need of
720,000 virgins.
Transport to job location provided.

I'm interested but what does it pay ?
( Sorry but I needed to blog about something )


nanc said...

AH-HA! i just knew it - the translation SHOULD read "72 year old virgin"!

my new sign-off:

go with allah, dude!

nanc said...

thought you might like to peruse this little bit of info on what the izlamic heaven/paradise is truly like!

IOpian said...

Spirituality is what they are devoid of.

nanc said...

'scuse me, but are her eyebrows tattooed on?

Anonymous said...

it would appear that way, yes

IOpian said...

Looks like she missed with the eye liner.

nanc said...

next time please do a post on people with GOOD teeth!