Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Halo Dims

Today the messiah has delivered a sermon. He is appalled, appalled I tell you "and disappointed as anybody by the revelations earlier this week."

He continues:
"With respect to Illinois, I think in Illinois as is true in American politics generally, there are two views of politics. There's a view of politics that says you go in for sacrifice and public service, and there's a view of politics that says this is a business, and you're wheeling and dealing, and what's in it for me," Obama said, pointing out former U.S. Senators Paul Simon and Paul Douglas as politicians who focused on sacrifice for the people of Illinois.
I agree. Any politician that would do a quid pro quo, such as using his position to get his wife appointed to a corporate board putting more bread on the family table and a bump in her salary at her day job in return using his governmental status to direct money to the corporate entity she works for and then have the AUDACITY to point his finger at others for attempting to do the same is about as sleazy and corrupt as it gets. His HOPE is that you buy his feigned sincerity.

( Note to those suffering BDS: This is what reality based people call a lie. )

That's real CHANGE.... to a gullible moron. At last calculation this was about 66,882,230 people ( living or dead, citizen and non-citizen ), cartoon characters, multi-state voters and those that enjoyed the experience so much they voted multiple times or they needed ACORN's cigarettes.

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