Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just Be Yourself Barry Hussein

Obama is our first fictional character to be elected President. We simply do not know anything of his real past. All we have been allowed to know are the two aggrandized fictional Mein Kampfs he had written for him to control the narrative.

After a life of searching for his identity, at 47 , he still isn't sure who he is. He needs to borrow the aura of achievements, since he has none of his own, from some previous President to frame his hopes the public will be confused as to who did what. So far it has worked on 52% of the voting public. After all, he is the one we have all been waiting for. Sorry Jesus, you only get second billing for the next four years.

Here's the different identities of Presidents who actually did something and were all their own men that is trying on:

Hussein ( Barry not Saddam ) is really big on the Lincoln thing. A Republican ? Not sure who he is fooling here. The only thing I see in common is they are from Illinois, were lawyers and served in the state legislatures. Once Hussein rides the train to his coronation that will be one more thing. ( Jesus, how about a once in a century blizzard on that day just for tickles, giggles and reminder there can be only one. ). Now Lincoln rode a train because plane fights were difficult to book in his day. Hussein is just doing for this for empty symbolism and , after all, Greek columns are difficult to lug about. But this is quite a reach for those that actually know a little history.

He is also trying on the Kennedy myth and mystique but those shoes won't fit. First of all, Kennedy had a quick wit and self-effacing sense of humor. He also smiled a lot and was actually a very intelligent guy. Hussein has none of these attributes. Kennedy was man enough to say he was wrong about the Bay of Pigs. Hussein can do no such thing concerning how miserably wrong he was about the surge. Kennedy told America to not ask what the country could do for them but what they could do for their country. Hussein has people believing he will pay their mortgages and fill their gas tanks. He uses lofty platitudes like national service but that is just a smoke screen. Actually what he really means is what the country can do for him. Keep in mind Michelle has told us he is going to make demands of us. So other than being young, having two cute kids and in search of a lovable pet prop his pretending to be the second coming of JFK is true only in the aspect of myth.

He's tried on the FDR 'leader through the times of darkness' shtick but that's not going to sell while our pockets are picked clean to compensate the fat cats of society for their failures. Good example being the worst do-nothing, most unpopular Congress in history gave themselves a nice raise as a reward for presiding over a monumental failure to regulate commerce. So instead of 'we have nothing to fear but fear itself' we are getting ' be afraid, be very afraid' . So that's a no go on the FDR persona.

From his staff selections he is obviously reading the Clinton 101 manual. But Clinton is still alive so we already have one of them. I must admit when it comes to pandering and lying he is out Clintoning Bill Clinton so he may pull that off. Hopefully he will imitate Clinton and get impeached say around 2010 when his malfeasance loses Congress just like Clinton did.

However, with all this Crook County scandal erupting before he is even crowned I think I see what the most suitable imitation is going to be. This one will require a merging of two past Presidents. One has passed away and the other is effectively brain dead. This would be a Jimmy Carter personality giving a Nixonian 'I am not a crook speech' in a nice 'everyman' Cardigan. They also had adorable pet props.


nanc said...

iopian - i'm quite certain Yeshua will whisk us out of here before we ever knew what hit u.s.!

did you EVER think you'd see this day?

we were born for such a time as this.

bring it barry!

IOpian said...

I am in such an indescribable funk. It's not the election or Obama. It's the people. I just have given up on our country. I go over to GP and read the comments and those trolls just bum me out. Put me in a bad mood. What's the use of dealing with them.

Long time ago when I was young the first song/poem I wrote( sort of a social commentary piece ) had a line in it that said... you have your flag of ignorance in suspension and you're proud it flying high. Never thought that would be a vision of the far future.

I just can't deal with this stupidity guised as common knowledge anymore. I Just want to scream. I am disappointed in those on the right like LGF and Malkin that dare lampoon those of us that, having not seen his BC, and wondering why he has spent nearly a million dollars to keep us from seeing it... why they treat us like truthers. I want to see it. Until I do I will not change my opinion.

The whisper of the wise is more valuable than a chorus of fools.

Haven't talked to the Lord in weeks about anything significant. Just the normal gratitudes. Not blaming him, I never do and don't believe in that line of thought but just in a funk and feeling isolated in the world. Like the only sane person in an asylum. He knows this I'm sure and maybe allowing me a chill out and my space to get my grips on this. This is not something I need to burden him with anyway. Sometimes we do have to do some things on our own.

nanc said...

you cannot burden Him - and think too much of yourself if you believe you can...just a thought.

i talk to Him so much that sometimes i think i can hear a quiet "shhhhhhh" in the atmosphere - as in just be still and know Who I Am!

of course God knows what you need before you ask, but you still must ask - that's a clue to Him that you need Him.

i'm sorry you're in a funk - go out and find a reason to live - i love crotchety old people - the meaner the better and am thinking about volunteering after the first of the year at the senior center here. my reasons are somewhat selfish however - in real life i'm surrounded by people who are younger to much younger than myself - i want to go somewhere where the majority of the people will call me "kid"!