Friday, August 01, 2008

The Light Does A Switch

Faster than a light switch THE LIGHT does a switch.


nanc said...

and today - magically - he wants to tap the reserves...

i'm trying to imagine the ideal voter he's playing to.

nobama, the magic playa!

IOpian said...

I heard his speech while I was working. Got a big trained seal applause when he mentioned either use the leases or lose the leases. It;s just common sense. Crowd approves loudly. I wish the oil companies had the equipment to put a drilling rig on every lease. The environmentalist would have heart palpitations at the site of a forest of rigs. This guy has now reached the level of nothing but a clown.

With the army of the press he still can't pull past McCain with a significant margin. I think it will be hilarious the day after the election when the news people ponder how he could have been beaten so convincingly. Easy answer. Because nit everybody is as stupid as the press.

nanc said...

a clown?

please - you give him too much credit - more like a trained seal...ARR-ARRR!