Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Know Your Power




Phelonius said...

Point well taken IOpian,

Obama and this crazy bitch have a God complex and they really DO think that they have a mission to save the world. The problem is that they have forgotten the lessons that Marxism taught generations of dead people.

Government redistribution of wealth does not actually work to facilitate that end. It works to restrict freedom and the ability of people to save themselves. But is is similar to our problem with other fundamentalists, isn't it? Pelosi has actually said that her calling is not to represent the people of the United States, but rather to correct us and and as result save the planet. If I lived in CA, I would be calling for a recall vote. As it is, what is stopping the people of CA from doing just that?

IOpian said...

You know, I would think that anyone from SF should recognize the inability of humans to stop an earthquake ought to have a clue that saving the planet is a bit of a stretch. I wonder if she ever took any form of science class.

Save the planet from what?

And this bimbo is third in line to run the country ! These people need to be reminded they are not our leaders but representatives. If the majority of people want to drill then do what we say and at least put it to a vote.

I also despise them attempting to control our spending choices by wanting high gas prices. So their idea is to lower our spending power to achieve their ends. I think we need to do the same to them.

It is time for a bit of revolution.

nanc said...

not to worry - the left doesn't believe in God!


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for. There are a great deal of dissatisfied people out there. Many groups are gearing up, or already geared up, for just such an occasion. If/when it happens, I fear the resultant rending of this country will have severe and disastrous world-wide consequences.

I'm not too certain that we wouldn't end up in a new dark age.

IOpian said...

True because for them they are god-like.

I think we are at a turning point. My guess is that Obama will take a Dukakis thumping and the Dems will lose the Senate.

Twitty will be in tears as his leg quits twitching wondering how the people could be so clueless. Twitty, maybe it's not the people.

I have actually prayed ( probably a misuse of the relationship ) that Hillary rises and the democrats demand a floor vote. If her followers don't get it they will threaten to vote for McCain. It hopefully split the party between the rational dems and the Pelosi/Reid wings of the asylum.

If the Republicans can take the Senate then I have no fear of her being able to socialize the country. Saying it is one thing, doing it is another matter when the opposition controls the true reigns of power. The Senate is designed to dimimish the populist urges.

IOpian said...

Anon, agreed. I think people are fed up with our government but it does not require arms. I heard on a conservative talk show a very good point. Most folks in the House are not 'rich' and in fact it is the best job many have had. They do not want to lose it. So they will respond to popular sentiment. If we could just find someone to rally around that does no aspire power but influence to motivate the people then change will happen. The problem is that people vote for selfish reasons. As long as Pelosi is giving her constituents what they want she will never be taken out of power. If our soldiers can sacrifice their lives then the people should at least be convinced to sacrifice their own wants for the need of the country. But the people need to take their country back.

I think one way to do this is demand that benefactors of earmarks be made a public record. After all don't the people have the 'right to know'?

I think another thing that should be instituted is a national right of recall where the people at large can demand a recall on another state's representatives. That way if Pennsylvania keeps sending a Murtha to congress who is using our money to stay elected the rest of us could say we've had enough.

We should also demand that committee chairs be appointed independent of party, perhaps seniority. Our government was never intended to be based on parties.

Lastly we need the emergence of a viable balance to party power. We have three Constitutional entities that balance each other very well. A strong third party would stop this bickering between these two ridiculous entities who act like children. It would force compromise. Perhaps we could call it the pragmatic party. Since the country is divided between the extreme righteous right and the absolutely lunatic left there is a big chunk in the middle of reasonable people fed up with the antics of the extremes.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a third party as a balance. Why not? Our government is set up as a triumvirate to provide needed checks and balances. I grow weary of all the antics politicians go through (read as lies) to secure or keep their positions. I think a new party of level-headed people would be extremely refreshing.

The only problems being how to institute the new party and the fact that they'd still be politicians.

IOpian said...

You know when looking at our world it is commonly balanced by three entities; protons, neutrons and electrons; the good, the bad, the ugly; the holy trinity, Larry, Curly and Moe; earth, wind and fire. The number 3 just appeals to us as balance.

Yep there is that little problem of politicians being politicians. But as long as we demand an open government where ever action is in the public domain we can instill fear in them. Blogs do a far better job than the press as guardians of the people against the government. We could always elevate the punishment for betraying the public trust which I already think is a high crime without sufficient punishment.