Thursday, August 07, 2008

At Home With Pat & Neil

These two are among my favorite musicians. Back in the day rock was dominated by male rock stars and it was unimaginable that a female could crash through that glass ceiling until a little five foot dynamo proved that dated concept to be nonsense. Pat Benatar not only crashed through that ceiling she brought the entire structure down along with life partner/husband Neil Giraldo.

I saw them way back then and I was taken aback by how small she was and this huge and powerful voice was coming out of the little thing. However, being a guitarist I could not take my eyes off of Neil. Without a doubt one of the best guitarist I have ever seen. Pat may be the star but Neil ran the show. He didn't need to strut his stuff. When it came to the end a song all eyes were on him. You could also sense the chemistry between the two.

What I admire most though is here was the single most popular rock star of the moment and she still remained a normal down to earth person avoiding the temptations of indulgence others were being overcome by. Also the fact that their relationship has lasted about thirty years. The video is them in their house. Unfortunately the guitar is a little loud and the audio is out of synch but who cares, they still inspire. Only in America.

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