Friday, August 29, 2008

I Do The Victory Dance

Brilliant, Masterful... Now I Have Hope there will be Change... finally !!!

This is going to make Uhbama and his old worn out horse Biden look so... yesterday !

I can hear team Uhbama... DAMN ! That old cogger just stole our thunder.

All the more reason for the Hillary's cheated supporters to become McCainoocrats.


morbidly obtuse said...

OMG, the second I heard I wondered what you thought about it! I was surprised, and suddenly excited about it!

So, I have another question for you. When I was in college I registered to vote under my maiden name. How do I go about getting re-registered at home, with my married name? I want to be the first in line to vote!

IOpian said...

yo just register with the same name you would sign you checks with.

morbidly obtuse said...

yeah, but I don't know where to go to register. When I did it the first time they had a booth on campus.