Friday, August 22, 2008

It Shall Be The Woman

Here's my prognostication: Obama will name Kathleen Sebelius.

This would be the smart choice to defuse a possible Hillary supporter's uprising at the convention. Plus she can provide the want of executive experience on the ticket.. so women will have to settle for riding shotgun on this round.
( However this would require judgment which seems to be in short supply on his team. )

Choose a male and discerning women will bail.

' The Master's ' Problematic Testosterone Choices:
( Keep in mind that testosterone is found in minute quantities in liberal males )

Biden: Smugness overload.

Clinton: We'd know who wore the pants in that relationship.
( Yes she has a bigger set than most males on this list )

Kerry: I'm getting dizzy just imagining the flips, flops and spinning. Would be entertaining though with Kerry and McCain comparing war wounds.

Bayh, Chet Edwards: Who ?

Richardson: Never select an underling with more experience than you. Look what happened to Bush when he chose Cheney.

Kaine: Every messiah needs a devoted disciple who recognizes the master's words are all that are needed to drive Russian tanks away in panic.

Silky Edwards: Here's my Hope... Oh yes please choose him, oh please, please, please. His baggage is packed and ready to move right in on day one.

Dodd, Hagel, Nunn: Change ? Oh yeah tell me once again how you are a D.C. outsider. We already know you haven't been there long enough to be a D.C. insider.

Clark: Some old soldiers should heed MacArthur's words and just fade away.

Update: Drudge is indicating it looks like Bayh. Ladies, I truly hope you make history and wrestle the nomination away from the 'appointed one'. 100% behind you but if you come up short McCain would be a choice to consider. After all, what do you owe your party ?

There is something seemingly appropriate that the idea that Bayh is the selection came from a bumper-sticker... it fits right in with all their other ideas.

Ok... NBC is saying it isn't Kaine or Bayh and the answer will come tomorrow.... must admit his campaign is deflecting from his abysmal performance at Saddleback last weekend.

Looks like it's Biden. More smugness than I think we can stand.

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