Saturday, April 19, 2008

Strange Times

I am starting to think I might be about to flitter off into insanity. First, I am actually hoping Hillary gets the nomination, Second I am cognitating about a vote for Hillary or McCain is practically the same thing and if Hillary got elected we could put this gender 'thing' to rest. This brings an unease to me.

So now I find myself doing something far stranger... defending Jack Cafferty. Yep it is time to find a doctor.

Here's the thought crime he committed:

On the April 9 airing of "The Situation Room," Cafferty, in a discussion about China, said that goods from that country were "junk," and referred to the Chinese as "a bunch of goons and thugs."

I agree 100% and seems to be an accurate observation. Consider the product recalls, Tibet, Tiannamen Square or Taiwan

Here's the article I refer to in the LA Times with a reaction.

"We understand free speech," said Lake Wang, 39, of Thousand Oaks. "But what if Cafferty said this about other racial groups? I think he would be fired. I think he's jealous of China."

Sorry Lake but no, you don't understand free speech. I also doubt that even Cafferty is jealous of a communist government currently beating monks.

My question is this, if China is such a wonderful place what the hell are you doing here? You have another freedom and that is to emigrate.


Kelly said...

Don't you know, the left believes in free speech...for themselves AND for their cause.

Everyone else is using "hate" speech.

IOpian said...

You know Kelly, as an after thought, demanding someone be fired for something they said is indeed a for of thuggery itself. I mean isn't a thug someone that pushes someone else around ?