Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Moral Cowardice

You know these people in Hollywood think something like THIS takes courage to stand against the accepted beliefs of society by making some controversial movie based on absolutely no facts whatsoever.

How about a movie that says Mohamhead may have been a pedophile? Well it's easier to pick on a passive dove than a rabid dog. But it is not courageous.


paul maurice martin said...

Jesus didn't say answer hatefulness with hatefulness, respond to evil with evil, if someone throws a stone throw a bigger one back aiming for the genitals and if someone strikes you on one cheek hit him back twice as hard on the other one.

IOpian said...

That reminds me of that old 70
s movie the New Centurions with George C. Scott and Stacey Keach. Scott played the old seasoned cop Kilvinsky (sp?) who had Kilvinsky's Law... if they try to hit you hit them with your baton, if they come at with a knife pull your gun, if they pull a gun shoot them.

Phelonius said...

So they want to say that Christianity is groundless?


There have been those from the very beginning and that is not going to change. The real courage is going to come from those that recognize the truth and are willing to talk about it no matter what the consequences are going to be.

That makes us a lot different than the hate-filled and delusional types that cannot speak a language that people can debate with.

This guy?

he is a moron looking for a career that obviously does NOT include an intellect.

IOpian said...

Nope, intellect is not a skill-set Hollywood is looking for.

I try to understand how these people think and I guess my brain simply isn't wired that way. It may have once been when I was in high school but experience changes that.

My working theory about why these 'stars' tolerate these attacks starts with the simple observation that there either is or there is not a god. If there is no god then there can be no such thing as a universal morality. Morality just becomes whatever the guy with the biggest gun says it is. Those that believe there is no god then effectively think they are their own little god. This would be a sad thing if Man was the ultimate intellect.

So people like this guy look at themselves and aggrandize themsleves with the level of notoriety and material goods they have achieved. They develop this disdain for those below them, which is the type of person they were back in Hayseed, America. The unenlightened lace they escaped.

What I don't understand is why they are so vehemently bent on public ridule of those that believe Man is not the ultimate form of living things. That given the fact that we humans are simply made of material of the universe are a living breathing example that at a miniscule level parts of the universe became aware of itself. So why could it not follow on a grander scale beyond our limited senses that the universe may have awareness on a grander scale.

So my best guess is a guy like this is empty, hollow and despises those lesser beings with less material wealth to be somewhat content in their mediocrity. Since he can't rise to their achievment of happiness he attempts to seek parity back bringing them down to be as miserable as he is.

That's only my theory. Guy could just be an aging juvenile.

nanc said...

iopian - it's all about remembering who they hated before they hated us. anything to take away from the book is acceptable.

people who love the truth will never believe this. he has much to answer for.


nanc said...

j.p.m. - did Yeshua turn his other cheek to judas?