Friday, April 25, 2008

A Matter of Context

Twins of pregnant bank teller die after mother was shot.

She was 5-months pregnant. Will the state charge the robber with murder ? What would they do with an abortionist. Same result, different method.


nanc said...

they would first have to admit the "babies" were more than just a blob of tissue.

sad, iopian.

IOpian said...

yes rather upsetting.

Z said...

It's only murder when someone other than Planned Parenthood does it, right!?
Like Scott Peterson's can we say abortion is legal, but a man can't kill his child in the womb? Why's a white coat in a doc's office some kind of carte blanche to murder and a bum who hates his wife doesn't have it? scary

IOpian said...

I would make a generalization that the pro-abortion mindset is a type of person that gets an abortion in the morning so there is time to get to the candle-light vigil at the execution of a mass murderer that night.

nanc said...

pointed. their hypocrisy knows no bounds.