Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bitter People ?

Could these be some of those gun totin, church visitin bitter people Obama was talking about? right here.


Anonymous said...'s not their fault, that they're bitter... it's Bush's fault!??

Anonymous said...

Ooops. ...goddam white America's fault (see Obama's mentor, the gud Revrun Wright)

Anonymous said...

...well, ANYBODY'S fault but their own!

IOpian said...

The gun made me do it.

nanc said...

some of those surnames make me think it may be ms-13 related or other latino gangs?

these are definitely NOT the ones obamanation was talking about - he's been courting la raza!


IOpian said...

Read an article this morning at either Drudge or Fox that 50% of the LA labor force is Mexican. Far as I'm concerned if they want CA they can have it. I know those La Raza supporters look at the wealth in Los Angeles and San Diego and invision having it for their own. Reality is that if they did attain control over those cities they would look like Mexico City in a generation.