Wednesday, April 16, 2008


ABC 7:00 PM CDT: Barak "The Poseur" Obama vs. Hillary "The Hammer" Clinton.

I avoided those last 100 Democrat debates but this one is going to be interesting. I have my sweet tea, salsa and chips ready. Charles Gibson and George Stephanopolis are the referees.

I expect Hillary to go for it all. She needs a knockout. Obama simply needs to keep his foot out of his mouth which is somewhat of a challenge.

I would imagine there is also a fight party at the McCain residence tonight.

Tonight's key words: Experience, Out of Touch, Rezko, Judgment.

We all know what's in Hillary's closet. Nothing would be surprising with her. It is Obama that has to differentiate himself as somehow different than the typical sleazoid politician. His poor choice of words have deprived him of any credible claim to be the person to unite the country. The more he wiggles his way out of missteps the more hollow his claim that he is an agent of change. Just another deceptive politician.

That only leaves Hope which is something that comes from the desperate.


nanc said...

sounds to me like it was a kissarsefest!


IOpian said...

Well I made it through most of it. I did notice that both Gibson and Stephanopolis were both rather brutal in the questions. There was a moment when Omamessiah was at a loss for word when questioned about Wright.

I notice this morning that all the Obamorons are all aflitter that someone had the Audacity to question his wholiness about the people he associates with. I am sure they had Hopes that he would be treated in a manner deserving of his eminence. But alas he is exposed as just another smooth talking egoist and that isn't going to Change.