Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why Johnnie Can't Read

Throw this in just because I like Pink Floyd:

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Phelonius said...

The basic reason that I proposed on your last post that the roots are deeper than merely the 60's has its roots in what these videos are talking about. The Dewey Decimal system? Remember that? That was the only good thing that man ever did, but he had tremendous influence. He was a believer in eugenics, and he very much believed that it was the purpose of the state to take us ignorant religious types and transform us into a conformity.

That is why I cannot thoroughly hate the resistance of the 60's. A lot of it was, I understand your point, concentrated around the same ideals. There was an element of rebellion in the 60's that I identify with: namely, the right of small communities to educate our kids on our own.

I wish to God that Reagan had been able to follow through with his promise to eliminate the Dept. of Education. That was a pipe dream I guess.....

These videos merely reenumerate the reasons that I have been forced to educate my own child. He did not fit in, and this is happening to more parents than just ourselves. I understand it because the only reason that I finished HS as well as I did is that I knew I wanted to go to college from an early age. I can puke up whatever pablum they wanted me to repeat because I had a goal, and I knew the differences. MY kids understand liberty, and they understand our values, no thanks to the school system that is failing us all so terribly.

This brings me to my ultimate "summem bonem." I fight Nazis. I do not care if they come from the left or the right. I fight them all. I am opposed to government control of our educational system and I am opposed to governmental control of business. I oppose the Patriot Act for this reason, and I oppose universal health care for the same reason. I was raised to believe in universal personal responsibility and personal talents.

I just do not have it within me to give up hope in the personal values of the families all across this nation, and I still believe that we can do the right thing. Talk to me after November 11, and I may have changed my mind.