Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dem Debates

I have the TV on all of the time though I don't watch it much. I need to be surrounded in my bubble of electro-magnetism to focus. So for giggles I changed it over to the democratic's debates while I tooled around the net.
I did catch an little convoluted thinking from Obama. The context was who would be a better CiC. Obama doesn't really have any experience in either military or foreign policy that would differentiate him from the rest of us. So he had to drag out the well beaten horse of Bush diverting resources from Afghanistan to Iraq. He made the point we should be in Afghanistan where al Qaeda is.
Right after that series of questions the moderator pointed out that both were against the surge and how did they reconcile their judgement in light of the facts on the ground. Obama does the mandatory thanks to our brave fighting forces for having driving al-Qaeda out of Baghdad.
OK Obama, make up your mind. Where the hell is al Qaeda ?


nanc said...

lip service?



our satellite's been knocked out of whack for over two weeks - they're coming to readjust it today - honestly, i haven't missed the tele that much other than i keep it on for noise, myself - clawedy-boy keeps me quite busy - like a terrible two-year-old!

IOpian said...

I couldn't believe I turned it away from Andy Griffith to listen to the debate. Thought I'd get a few chuckles. I wasn't let down.

When Possum was about that age she would perch on my shoulder like a pirate's parrot. She did that until one day her jump fell short and she shredded me trying not to fall. It wasn't so cute after that.