Thursday, February 28, 2008

Restoring Our Image

John Kerry was fond of saying it, so is Hillary and Obama. They are going to restore our image in the world which I think is an amateurish pandering to the half-wits. Those that we want to like us, like us. Those that don't are usually the thugocracies that we threaten.

I wonder though how cutting and running from Iraq will affect countries that were willing to step up to the plate and make manifest the UN demands that Iraq disarm when we leave them hanging?


nanc said...

frankly, iopian - i've never really given a ratz' hiney what the rest of the world's thinking is regarding u.s.

we're the best nation on the planet and if others cannot see it, they may stack beebees.

what other people of ANY nation can truly say?

none, zero, zip, nada.

IOpian said...

100% with you on this.

Anonymous said...

Restoring our image... I thought THAT was what Iraq II was all about!

They must be staring at a reflection of our image in a different mirror than I hold.

IOpian said...

farmer john,

kind of on the side but in the same vein... I read those excerpts from Bob Geoldof about Bush and Africa and i keep in find the endless droning about the genocide in Dafur... yet the genocides going on in Saddam's Iraq against the Kurds, Shia and the Marsh Arabs somehow just don't seem to raise to the level for those people. So a politician should take great care in deciding which genocide he wants to put an end to. Apparently not all genocides are equal.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'm convinced its' ALL the same war, iopian. Just a different front, that's all. And yeah, I guess they're not all equal. But ya gotta start somewhere...