Thursday, February 21, 2008

C'mon Michelle Admit It

Michelle Obama would have us believe that these events in her adulthood didn't give her a tear in her eye or a lump of pride in her throat ?

Or what about the 1996 Women's Gymnastic Team showing the world what we're made of ? Look at these seven young ladies and tell me you weren't proud that their dreams were fulfilled irrespective of their race ?

Or for one brief moment, but a few years ago, were you not proud that after your country was viciously attacked responded by showing the world that it takes crap from no one ?

C'mon Michelle admit it. You were exagerating to appeal to the America haters.


nanc said...




IOpian said...

It was the olympic team vid wasn't it ??

I just noticed that last one is right across from the still pics of the pitch.

Maybe I ought to add a post and push it down where it is right across from the Kerry pic right below there.

nanc said...

i just love this country and the freedoms we hold so dear - when i hear libtards spouting their nonsense, i get so angry - almost like i'd like to be physical!

good, bad or indifferent - THIS IS THE VERY BEST NATION ON THE PLANET...regardless of who's in power, but i see u.s. inching ever closer to something i could equally hate.

Phelonius said...

Then have heart! It is not the first time nor is it the last that bad ideology will threaten us. The Founders knew this, and what we have to do is to be good to the vision of what they proposed. It means that we have to be active. It means that we have to vote. It means that we have to write letters to the editor. It means that some of us run for office.

DEFEND THIS NATION! We have to get off of our asses to do it, but one thing I know. When THIS nation gets up off of its collective ass, the entire world changes. "Whoa are us" is not going to cut it. Fight, damnit! FIGHT!! You can find no better cause or a better place to put your energy. If it is nothing more than putting out signs on lawns, THEN DO IT!

The left is motivated. WE HAVE TO BE MORE MOTIVATED to get the message out. Call to arms? Not yet, but that is not far away.

FIGHT, for the love of God. When we see this sort of stupidity put out by the Obama crowd and the Hillary crowd, then we have to do what Josie Wales told the people in that little cabin:

"You have to get mean, and I mean plumb mad-dog mean."

FIGHT THEM! That is when our Republic does what it does best, and that is to defend our liberties!

IOpian said...

This is true and every little bit of push back counts. Nanc has the post about Gateway Pundit and LGF pushing back. One moonbat at a time if necessary. You can already see the change happening with the left's source of propoganda slowly losing influence and revenue. Both literally and figuratively fewer people are buying what they're selling.

IOpian said...

nanc, yep me too. While I was looking for videos I went through a bunch of aircraft flyovers of stadium and the crowds go nuts. Goose bump stuff and I wondered why do we react this way?

I think it is because we are blessed to be on a winning team. Our system is doing something right for its people and it is validated by those multitude of failed states and thugocracies that hate us.

Of course our country isn't perfect and the way we got here may have been by brutality of war and conquest and injustices to peoples. But I didn't enslave anybody, I didn't massacre native peoples. But that was then and this is now and it can't be changed.

But in the course of this country's evolution we have held true to the Constitutional mandate( though it seems to be paradoxical ) to 'form a more perfect union'. We have proven it to be a paradox that can be accomplished to some extent. Then it makes sense why brillant minds would put such a statement in there.

So when I see a young,and talented Whitney Houston moved to tears because she was caught up in the moment, I think that is an American.

When I see the stern intense face of a Marine saluting the flag. I think that is an American.

Then when I see these little girls of various heritages fight back and beat the world then I say those are Americans.

And when I see those New Yorkers waving flags and their President defying danger, for simply being there, and go to the top of the mound then deliver a strike while wearing body armor... then I think those are Americans and that is a leader.

Or long ago when Billy Joel and Michael Jackson performed in Moscow and the audience responded like any other audience in the world I knew the USSR didn't stand a chance against the onslaught of American culture and freedom.

All these things and far more make me thank God that in the short period of existence allocated to us, I have the honor of calling myself an American too.

nanc said...

you trying to make me cry again?


phelonius - i'm not about rolling over and playing dead - i've been fighting the left since i was born!

been fightin' with a few for the better part of 24 hours! like you don't know me, 'kay?