Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why I Despise Bill Clinton

Most of this was know before he was elected yet the Democrats swooned over their golden boy, you know the one we had to impeach. Now his wife wants to pickup where he left off. Even worse is the more we hear from Obama it is painfully obvious that he may have the best of intentions he simply needs more experience. But the same fools that elected Clinton may very well put him in office. If those people think Bush wrecked our country they ain't seen nothing yet. There should be ample fodder for a little BDS payback.

The following video is over 2 hours long so it may be a good idea to download it from the source so it can be viewed in parts. It is very disturbing but nothing I didn't already know about in 1992.

There are two parts I find particularly disturbing. The first is the murder of the two young boys that may have been killed because they saw a cocaine drop around Clinton's drug smuggling operation. One had his skull crushed and the other was nearly beheaded. Then their bodies were placed on a train track to cover up the true cause of death. The Clinton cartel managed to prevent an true investigation into the incident.

And they want us to believe that Vince Foster shot himself on the day that Bill Clinton was to submit his finances to a blind trust... six months late.

The other disturbing thing is the willingness of national news agencies like "60 Minutes" to bury his malfeasance and allow the capo of this cartel to be elected President of the United States.

Of course this is a form of 'Swift boating' where hundreds of reputable people say something happened while one disreputable character says it didn't and public sentiment is formed to support the one because it fits the agenda of those that form public opinion.

Anyway.. this is slow paced and lengthy but it is worth watching.

The Clinton Chronicles


nanc said...

if i were not a techtard, i could do this, however - my children hold all technology in the house hostage - when i ask something, they'll respond, "oh mama - you'll figure it out..."

i do know how to use the washer, dryer and dishwasher though.


nanc said...

iopian - if you don't read anything else this weekend - please check this story out - you will be pist!

IOpian said...

Actually I found in 11 parts on Google Video.

IOpian said...

Search for Clinton Chronicles on Google video it is also in parts on YouTube

IOpian said...

But let me just sum it up for you... Bill Clinton is no doubt the most corrupt souless human being, other than well known mass murders, that as ever held elected office in American history and his Presidency was without doubt the most corrupt administration that ever existed.