Friday, February 29, 2008

Dem Delusions

Hillary: "We've Got Two Wars. We've Got To End One, We've Got To Win The Other."

No... we have one war on multiple fronts. Much like there was not a war with Japan and a war with Germany. There was the War in Germany and the War in Japan and the War in Italy and the War in North Africa... the a War against the Axis Powers.

We have to win them all in order to end them all.


IOpian said...

I cringe when educated people use 'got' when they should be usng 'have'.

Anonymous said...

The war to end all wars? ;-)

IOpian said...

Oh... not that 'all' just the ones the muslims declared on us in 1979. The ones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Malaysia, the Philippines and the one's coming to a theater near us soon. But in particular the one against Iran which is at the center of this global conflict.

Or we could all simply submit to islam like Britain alrady has.

nanc said...


not only nyet, but HELL NYET!