Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Binny Pontificates

After posting a recent IOpian View Weekly Diversified Devotional I got a call from the branch office of Al-Qaeda in America and they were somewhat upset that I allowed Mr. Al-Sadr, a Shia Muslim, to represent Islam. So in the interest of fairness and to give any reader that should happen through here a fair and balanced perspective, I provide the following short passage from the Koran which I have been told is The Sheik's favorite.
Thank you Mr. Bin Laden.

[2.8] And there are some people who say: We believe in Allah and the last day; and they are not at all believers.
[2.9] They desire to deceive Allah and those who believe, and they deceive only themselves and they do not perceive.
[2.10] There is a disease in their hearts, so Allah added to their disease and they shall have a painful chastisement because they lied.
[2.11] And when it is said to them, Do not make mischief in the land, they say: We are but peace-makers.
[2.12] Now surely they themselves are the mischief makers, but they do not perceive.

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