Monday, May 23, 2005

The Battle for Baldwin Park

Mexicans or Terrorists? - The Battle for Baldwin Park

via Free Republic

I think our Southern neighbors are coming to a point where they need slapped into reality. Shut the border and deport those here illegally. Enforce our laws. Period.

These people, the people in the video wanting to reclaim the Southwest, see all the wealth in the metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco, Las Vegas and imagine if it were all under their jurisdiction then that wealth would be theirs. In fact, in about ten years time it all would become merely an extension of the cesspool whence they came. All the wealth generating industries and institutions would leave along with their capital.

The larger problem I see here is with the attitudes of these illegal immigrants. They don't want to assimilate. They want to flee their home country, sometimes at great peril and cost, to come to this country and enjoy the benefits of our culture only to import and try to establish the same failed cultural attitudes that brought them here in the first place. The same thing is probably true with Islamists in Europe.

The tragic thing about this is that Mexico is a potential first world country that imposes a third world status upon itself. It is corrupt to the core and the people robbed by those in power.

So here's how I think you alter the course and protect ourselves.

1. Regulate the border. Put the Border Patrol agents around major urban areas and allow entry only at those points. Use the National Guard at the points in between. The Minuteman Project proved this works. The open border people ought not have a problem with us discouraging these people putting their lives in jeopardy in the open desert or the hands of unscrupulous coyotes.

2. Alter our citizenship laws where merely being born on American soil is no guarantee of citizenship. At least one parent should have to be a citizen. Only Americans can beget Americans.

3. We are not responsible for the health and welfare of Mexican citizens. That is a responsibility of their government.

4. All medical, legal and educational expenses generated by Mexican citizens in the US illegally should be reimbursed to each American state by the Mexican government.

5. Mexicans working in America should pay into our Social Security System but should only be able to draw from it if and only if they reside in the United States and must prove that residency. They should pay all federal, state and local taxes.

6. The objective should be to internalize the pressures on the Mexican government to clean up its act by forcing it to create a business friendly environment so these people don't have to flee their country for the basic necessities of life. If they can't come here to make money then they will force accountibilty in their governement.

7. We should remind the Mexicans that they have oil. Lots of oil. They do not want to start anything with us. Instead of them coming to America, America will come to them. We did twice before and they should count themselves lucky that we gave most of it back to them. If you're trapped in a cage with a 600lb. gorilla it is not a good idea to kick it in the groin.

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