Saturday, May 07, 2005

Into the Void

By now this is a familiar picture. If you want your own just google earth night and you'll find about 8,000 to pick from. I would loved to have had this photo in my college sociology class that was taught by a Marxist. This was in 1993, after the collapse of the USSR, yet he continued to indoctrinate the masses while drawing a check from the fruits of a capitalist society. I could have held it up in class and pointed out the result of the economic system he advocated as opposed to capitalism.

But look at it. This country cannot defend itself very long. We should just wear them down. Fly missions around the clock near their territory and force them to expend jet fuel. Send saboteurs to destroy pipelines bringing fuel from China. Buzz Pyongyang at 3:00 am with stealths gone supersonic. Rattle some windows and nerves. Keep Kim hunkered in a bunker. Let the populace know we are near and wonder what the Glorious Leader can do about it.

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