Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Fox in the Bush

"Thank You Mr. President for helping me keep my people from turning on me and exposing the corrupt political and social system that is the legacy of Mexican society forcing 11 million of my citizens to sometimes make a life-threatening effort to flee my wonderful country in order to sustain their families. Thank You my friend for feeding them, housing them, providing an education and medical care so they are healthy enough to send their money back home."

"Sure Vince, glad I can help. And even though I'm a Texican from Texico and yer a Mexican from Meheeco, we're all 'mericans. And I'd like to take this opportunity to say to the Mexico peoples : Entre en por favor mi casa sin mi permiso. Mierda en el piso. Knockup mi hija. Rompa mis leyes. Sea seguro hacer la cama por las once. Siegue el c├ęsped antes de las 3 de la tarde y cene mi cocinada por las seises esta noche.. "

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