Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Afternoon mullings

Ya know ..... I've been thinking....

If there is no such thing as evolution ... why do men have nipples?

If the original family was Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel... who did Cain marry ?

If Genesis is to be taken literally how could there have been 3 days before the 4th day when the sun and moon were created ?

If Islam claims Jesus is a prophet why don't they believe him or are not allowed by their faith to read or hear about him ?

If the reward for martyrdom is 72 virgins what's a fella going to do after the 3rd day in paradise ?

I don't see blogs as 'the new media'. Few can make that claim, most are echo chambers reporting on what the old media is reporting on. I don't mean that as a bad thing. In fact, it is a very good thing and an emerging global force of accountability. But I would rather think of the sphere more as the great Global Virtual Water Cooler.

Why do they call it the 'mainstream media' when there is nothing mainstream about it ? I think a more apt name is the Institutional Media or Old Media.

Why do people confuse Creationism and Evolution. One deals with how it all got here and the other deals with how it managed to stay here.

If the universe is expanding what is it expanding into? Nothingness ? You can't imagine nothingness because once you do it becomes something.

But what really has me baffled is Why hasn't John Kerry signed his form 180 ?
**Update** He has reportedly signed it, developed a plan to assess the documents. Think we'll see them before 08 ?


Tom said...

Men have nipples because women have them, and it's not fair for women to have them without men having them as well.

Er.. Yeah. I think that that makes sense.

IOpian said...


Got to thinking more about it and maybe nipples are like docking reference points.