Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Office Help

Today I honor my faithful office assistant Possum D. Cat.

Doesn't miss a day of work and is always at her desk on time.
She also provides valuable input whenever I am on a call.
As you can see she is busily scheduling today's tasks.

Below you can see her dedication and loyalty as she looks after the office while I am at lunch.


nanc said...

she makes a great paper weight! how'd i miss this one? clawedy-boy holds our bed down during the day so it doesn't get away...>^00^< mew!

IOpian said...

I have all three holding mine down like little guards. If I stay up late Shy, the big fat one, comes and scolds me to get to bed.

I washed the old summer bedspread and put it back on last night and I sensed her sheer delight. The minute I took it out of the dryer she ran and jumped on the bed to supervise and make sure I spread it how she wanted it. Then she got right in the middle and rolled on her back in fat cat nirvana.

I notice they can't stand touching the sheets but put a nice quilted fabric on there and you know where they'll be.

nanc said...

ours will crawl into the sheets if we don't make the bed fast enough in the morning.

clawed loves to supervise my doing the laundry and as i pull the warm items out of the dryer he likes to fluff and roll on EVERYTHING and then thinks he'll take a nap as i'm grabbing, folding and hanging until nothing's left for him to roll in - the look he gets is priceless.

our mewna is a tortie like your possum with darker more severe markings - she's a little tardo, but loving nonetheless. she's quite talkative too - she only talks to me so my family doesn't believe it when i tell them some of the words that form when she's like mister ed moments - HA!

IOpian said...

Possum is very vocal and what is scary is I mostly understand what she is trying to convey. I definitely understand 'out'. Short clippy demand and she is attemting to imitate the sound. Had the window open the other morning and I heard her making these really strange noises. Then I heard the bird. It was like she was trying to imitate it. It would sing, she'd respond with this chirping sound. One of these days I want to film this because the sound she makes is hilarious. She also gets in this state where it is hard to distract her out of it. Almost trance like.

I have tested them and they do understand their names if I call them. They understand 'get out of my chair'. Now whether they get out of it is a whole other story. I have tested them and I can tell from their behavior they understand 'fishes'. They love tuna or salmon. They won't jump into my lap until I say 'Cmon'. I've tried it without body motion to make sure I wasn't telegraphing. They seem to inherently understand which side of a door is hinged. I once was missing the little one I call Lightning ( very vocal too but cackles )and I went into the bathroom and found all the drawers pulled out in a step fashion and she had managed to make it to the top drawer and pulled it shut to take a nap. Just amazing animals.

But one thing a decade with cats has taught me is patience. You have to deal with them in cat time.