Monday, April 20, 2009

Zeroes for Zero

Here's the latest Orwellian ploy by Chairman Zero. He is majestically going to gather his minions and cut $100,000,000 from the Executive branch. Not arguing with that. Every little bit helps even if the intent is purely political, so the starry-eyed echo droids can claim he is making spending cuts. After all, when we are talking about trillions, billions and hundreds of millions the only difference is just zeroes.

The Drudge headline says from a $3,550,000,000,000 budget so I'll go with that.
Let's put this into visual perspective:

......8,000,000,000 $ for Community Organizing ( A.C.O.R.N & Similar groups )

That is a $100 reduction from $3,550,000. A drop in the bucket.

Now if he cut that Communist Organizing budget I might be a little more positive towards his efforts.


nanc said...

iopian - there is only one way to get this admin to understand the rest of u.s. and that is to deny them our tax dollars (for those of us who make under $250,000) and that is to give that portion of our money which would otherwise be taxed to local charitable organizations THROUGHOUT the year. i'm serious. we're upping our dependents and i've been looking into charities that would best serve THE PEOPLE. that or i'm going to open a soup kitchen. desperate times call for desperate measures.

i did have an opportunity to speak with a few elderly folks at the tea party who had mailed taxes off that very day - i said, "why don't you give that money away throughout the year?" they all said they'd speak to their accountants and do just that.

nanc said...

AH-OH! buyer's remorse setting in.

IOpian said...

mercy, it is bad enough that these victimization professionals have taken over the urban areas, now they infest our farmers as well?

Hope his majesty doesn't go Mugabe on us and take away the white farmers land. We will surely starve.