Monday, April 27, 2009

No Fox Obamagasm

Foxnews will not run the Obama speech on Wednesday's Obamagasm. Instead they will appropriately be running a movie called 'Lie To Me'. Now that's funny right there.

Ignore FoxNews at your own peril. Now he will only have half the audience.... but his prime time news conferences are getting to be a bit much.


nanc said...

it's not like you can't catch it on youtube within five minutes afterward...i mean if you're into the torture.

this guy's on the tele more than he isn't!

IOpian said...

Control the message. But he never says anything. It is always some open generalization about a problem, He never gets to the 'how' he is going to address it.

Lord I accidentally heard Chris Matthews giddily saying we have smart people in charge. Then played clips of Bush's heckuva a job Brownie clip and Obama's response to the Swine Flu. I feel that I need a shower whenever Matthews talks about Obama.... there is definitely this man-love thing going on and I visualize him with only one hand on the desk when talking about his love.

nanc said...