Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here We Go Again

We once again the ACLU is looking out for the interests of the country they so love and respect.
"The ACLU says the exposure of the images is critical for helping the public understand the scope and scale of prisoner abuse as well as for holding senior officials accountable for authorizing or permitting such abuse."
What lofty sounding BS. I don't need to see these to understand that bad things happen during a war. Understood that when I was child.

Having won the elections, the Left will not rest until they have split this country apart. The further we move into this Obamination with the press marking daily the glorious achievements of his reign the better to idea is sounding. ( Actually I favor an idea I read about today; the states requesting a constitutional convention to pass an anti-federalism amendment to strip the federal government of it's abusive power. but I digress....

Personally I think it an uncanny coincidence the timing of all this. I believe the Left is really making an idiotic gamble here. Here's what I think motivates it; they were wrong about everything. The victory in Iraq exposed the many faults of their worldview. If they can just get Bush or Cheney they feel it will somehow vindicate their empty-headed Nancy-boy approach to a dangerous world. They are not the kind of people I would want covering my back or protecting the interests of the country.

And as far as this question of torture let me be quite honest here... I. Do. Not. Care. The reality is, I don't know these guys, I don't care what happens to them. They are big boys, they knew the risks. They jumped into the polar bear moat voluntarily and got mauled. I am not going to feign my concern for these people. I don't care.

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