Sunday, April 05, 2009

Defense Against United Nations Response

The IOpian View is the first to report from its sources that North Korean spies have gotten their hands on the plans of a defensive device against the UN's letters condemning the development and testing of their nuclear weapon and delivery programs. It has been rumored that these plans were found by US troops among stockpiles of the devices in one of Saddam Hussein's palaces though it cannot be independently verified at this time.

The Obama administration has telegraphed some concern that any response from the United Nations is now ineffective with the deployment of this Anti Strongly-worded Statement Evasion System otherwise known as ASSES. The IOpian View has been cleared to release a design of this insidious weapon system that can eliminate any form of strongly worded letters:

Secretary of State Clinton has been directed to form a strategy that attempts to convince the North Koreans it is not in their interests to sustain a belligerent posture and remain a rogue state. The Secretary has formed a task force of experts to develop a comprehensive strategy based on former Secretary of State Madeline Albright's approach of placating North Korean concerns. The task force will be called the Korean Intiative on Strongly-worded Statements - KISS

It will be interesting to see what KISS can accomplish with the North Korean ASSES.


nanc said...


like they're going to listen to the woman whose husband gave them millions of dollars to NOT do this! oh, the irony.

IOpian said...

Same old failed policies of the past. It is unfortunate that there is a two-year lag time between the moment a democrat gets an idea and two years later realizes what a stupid idea it is.

When 9/11 happened I found myself guessing that in a bout two years liberals would have forgotten about the attack and begin wringing their hands that we are making our enemies not like us.

Around 2010 they will realize Obama isn't a god but a snakeoil salesman.

Conservatives need to focus on the Senate. That is the real power in our government and controlling the Senate is attainable by 2010. Then the damage to our country can be limited to two miserable years.

nanc said...

i hope so, iopian.