Monday, March 30, 2009


Listening to the radio today I heard a discussion about the tobacco tax. A pundit from those in favor mentioned that hopefully the high cost will cause people to quit.

Hey that would be good. I quit myself but it was my choice. I believe in individual freedom and responsibility. If you choose to kill yourself one puff at a time that is your choice. However, when you have lung cancer expect a measured amount of sympathy from me; much like someone telling me they gambled and lost. Bummer but it was their choice.

So I got to thinking about this and how the progressives, though claiming to be about the people, are the ones that try to legislature what we can do with our bodies. They band trans-fats, they raise the price of tobacco so it is too expensive to smoke, they spend a fortune in propaganda to take met out of our diet and now the big push is on the document our private health history and control of what professional doctors can or cannot do. There is only one thing I can think of that they have no problem in wanting to limit what we can to our bodies. If your body is hosting another living being they have no problem with you killing this person. Only people that can vote are persons.

We live in odd times.


nanc said...

yes, upside down, my friend. i can feel the blood rushing to my head as i type this. we are in the days of noah.

IOpian said...

I anxiously await the chairman's minions coming to my door. By the time they are leaving my property they will have a complete understanding of my political stance and a full and colorful assessment of their intellectual capacity.

nanc said...

my family teases me that one day they'll have to visit me in jail - i correct them by saying "don't you mean GULAG?" as long as i can have my bible they'll never beat me.

are you attending any tea parties in your area? the nancson and i are going to one on 4/15 and then the next day he has to have minor surgery for a blocked saliva gland - not good for a horn player.