Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You Got To Be Kidding Me


This is not OK

But this is OK.


nanc said...

perhaps when she hones her talent?

oh, what an upside down world in which we live!

Phelonius said...

Well, you have to consider the source of the complaint against the little girl. Those people ought to be ashamed to show their faces.....but THEY WON'T BE!

As far as the chalk art in your second link....wow. He is good. I had the pleasure of seeing people like him in Germany make their creations. There, they have to get a license to do it, and they pay taxes on the coins that people throw in their hats. Same for street musicians, and there were some mighty talented people doing that as well.

Sarah McBride said...

That's pathetic. My kids draw on the sidewalk all the time.....maybe it doesn't rain enough in NY? Ha ha. That's just plain silly.

IOpian said...

Searching YouTube on 'Sidewalk Art' there are some amazing vids of artist creating these things.

Kelly said...

This is a case of someone trying to prove a point...less.

...or just being nitpicky.