Sunday, October 07, 2007

Why Conservatives Appear Heartless.

What Conservatives understand that Liberals don't...
The Man and the Butterfly


Ol' BC said...

Liberals MAY not understand, but then again, they may. Liberals like to hand out little stipends to the poor so they continue to get the votes and insure that the poor remain exactly where they are - poor and dependent on that little stipend. Opportunity, even with some struggle would end the cycle of vote buying.

nanc said...

this so fits in with my "hornworm" post - amazing!

at the end of the season when we find the cocoon of this most beautiful moth, we've put them in a jar with holes and watch it emerge in may - the thought NEVER occurred to me to interrupt its cycle. then we set it free.

the moths are beautiful, but their larvae so destructive as you may well know. when we have chickens, they tend to take care of them much better than we.

circle of life? akuna matata!

IOpian said...

Nanc.. I know I put this up and thought... let's see what nanc is up to.. wow different angle on different aspects but similar themes....

ol,bc... exactly. I think Katrina exposed a terrible truth about what you said. I lived in Grand Isle working offshore and New Orleans was an hour away so I went there often. Down there it is dominated by Democrats and they have this attitude that corruption is a way of life.

So during Katrina we find people, purposely addicted to largesse from the politicians, unable to help themselves. A mayor elected probably for the color of his skin and not the content of his character and a governor who folds furing a crisis. Then when it hits the fan and they fail and blame it on Bush who has no jurisdiction. I find it strange that they accuse him of being a dictator but he followed the law.

Sad thing... their constituents buy their line because they dare not bite the hand that feeds them. Keep em addicted and ignorant.

nanc said...

well, katrina was actually my fault, but nobody would listen...*;]

YES! cube made an excellent point at curtains " A society with more parasites than hosts will not survive for long."

resentment will play a great role in any socialist program - i'm resentful now!

don't get me wrong, we love helping people and causes and support quite a few - GLADLY! as it SHOULD be. not because we are MADE to do so.

in my younger years, i was supplemented through a couple of social programs, so i've seen it from both sides of the fence. being young with a child to support (yes, her father paid his support without fail) while going to college was stressful, yet enlightening to my psyche - i knew early on there was NO WAY i could live like that forever.

the best day of my life was not even my first real job, but the day i sent my last payment in on my student loan a few years later. what a relief that was!

Kelly said...

Socialism breaks down when there are no more "rich" to support the programs.

We all get reduced to the lowest common denominator because there is no reward for working hard to get ahead.

Kelly said...

I have appeared to be heartless to a sister who has been doing drugs. I wasn't going to give her a place to live or pay her way. There were nights--many of them--where she was out on the streets for the night. Life was hard for her. But she learned a lesson. She got herself into a program (that she has to pay for) and is making some progress.

The program is drug court. She must complete the program or face 20 years in prison. The butterfly must work to get out of the cacoon.

IOpian said...

oooh... just went over there.. believe I'll sit this one out...just got back from Dallas and am tired and looks like you and Farmer John got it under control.... ya know I wish I had an all-wise dictionary to clarify my worldview... the gospel according to Webster.

nanc said...

i have come for the sanity.

thank you.

please send the bill to curtains.