Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Beam in Their Own Eye

The next time you see or hear a BDS pundit or politician from California, particualrly the Los Angeles area, talking about the senseless loss of life in Iraq think of this.


nanc said...

or this...

IOpian said...

Now that's a genocide. It is sad the low levels of thinking involved in that whole mess. There has always been this bogus question of 'when live begins'. It doesn't; it is passed from living being to another being. A living sperm and egg. Then begins the long process of another human life until it ends in dust.

And our bodies change vastly throughout our march to death. A fetus is more similar to a baby than a baby to an eighty year-old. But there small and we can't normally see them so the easier it is to de-humanize them.

But once that sperm pentrates the egg and genetic material is combined it will always be, and can only be, considered distinctly human. The other fallacy is that they claim it is 'part' of the women's body therefore her choice. The reality is it is merely hosted within her body and her immune system has to be suppressed to keep it from attacking what it sees as a foreign body. The body doesn't see it as a part because half of it isn't.

But because our society is indoctrinated into the dumb-down mode of the least common denominator all common sense has become rather uncommon.

This is one of those cases where I just figure God will sort it all out..

nanc said...

our daughter was born at six months gestation...she's a brilliantly gifted 15 year old now.

have you ever seen the essay on the 42 mil who were aborted in 30+ years - what they could have been?

it's a brilliant take.

we're hoping ours becomes a golf champ...so she can care for us in the manner to which SHE'S become accustomed...hehehe...

of course, her first love is some type of forensics - WHAT A GEEK!