Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wanted: Free Press Exerciser

We have the most imperialistic administration since Nixon whose political machine continues an arrogant disregard for the law. They make Nixon look like an amateur.

In Iran there is a major earthquake occurring in the political equation of that region. If those desiring liberty are able throw off the yoke of islamic repression then a blow will have been struck at the heart of worldwide islamic extremism by muslims themselves. The Islamic Republic of Iran directs and supplies these groups. Cut the root and the vine dwindles.

So while we are seeing what may be an extremely historical event what is our press reporting? Obama swats a fly as they go into a tizzy of 'oh the concentration, the resolve, the delivery'. I image Chris Matthew's leg is now encassed in 'tingle'. We have seen Michelle's miracle garden. Today we were informed of what kind of ice cream the President and daughters had.

The right to a free press is still out there awaiting someone to exercise it. Perhaps they can read some blogs to get caught up on what's happening should they choose to jump back in the fray after they tire of the adventures of a President in a foreign land.

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