Thursday, June 04, 2009

So Much For Healing Our Image

I recall it wasn't all that long ago that the Obamamedia and his leftist minions made a great deal of world leaders not shaking hands with George Bush as they gathered for a group photo. As it turned out they didn't shake his hand because they had already done so.

To the left this showed how much hatred for our country Bush had created.

So is that the case here with the Great Healer, The One, He who causes the seas to no longer rise ?


nanc said...

they hate u.s., they really, really hate u.s.! (in my best sally field acceptance speech voice.)

what fools to think the world would love u.s. with this new and improved administration.

iopian - i can only fathom what is holding the Lord back.

IOpian said...

Over at GP or V's place I wanted to comment over that post showing the services Tiller offered like a photo of your late-term aborted fetus ( absolutely disgusting ). My comment would have been.. Lord please kill us now... just drop an asteroid on us and put us out of this foul place.

Two things I find to be juvenile; the quest for peace. There has not been one day of peace on this planet since time began. The second is that the world ever liked us to begin with. The despise us because we are made up of people that were rejected in the societies of their origins. Once here they excelled above the homelands and that just burns their butts. We take their trash and turn into gold. Don't recall who said it but nations do not have friends, only national interests.