Monday, June 08, 2009


It's the Employers Stupid

Hey, I am all for the government spending money to maintain our infrastructure. That is the job of government. Keep in mind the interstate system was to move military equipment across the country. I have actually seen documentation that there has to be so many miles of straight highway so aircraft can land. In the end it the initial outlay was recovered in taxation of commerce using the system. It also served a far greater function for growth of the nation. In fact, it changed the nation for the better.

But those jobs Obama proposes are just patchwork and not a solution to the problem. The idea isn't job creation, it is employer creation. With that jobs are just a logical outcome and these types of jobs can last many decades. Liberals, being quite adept at inverted thinking, cannot for some unfathomable reason understand how reducing the tax burden on those that employ promotes employment growth. It is an actual investment because the future return is worth it. It is as simple as the old saying 'a caged bird cannot fly'.

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