Saturday, June 13, 2009


Newborn Baby Boy Abandoned in Bushes in Illinois

What did this person do that is different than how Obama support the idea that if a new US citizen survives an abortion it can be left to die ?

Neither mother wanted the child, both want to kill a defenseless human by just letting it die. The only difference is one mother pays someone to do it for her while the other mother does it herself.

There can be only one truth. It either is or is not a human. If so then he/she is entitled to human rights like the rest of us having been 'Created Equal'.

A call for compromise on the abortion issue does not recognize truth nor is it interested in contemplating it.

Obama was right, truth is above his pay grade.


GS said...

The abortion debate always takes the predictable turn where you can see a leftist struggling to explain their justifications for late-term and post-birth murders. The scariest thing is watching the change in their eyes as they resolve to make reality fit into their worldview. Much like the first folks to join the SS, I'd imagine.

IOpian said...

Don't know if you saw the post over at Moonbattery with the movie The Silent Scream. Along comes a typical troll. What came to my mind is how much easier it is dwell in the worldview of a dark mind than to deal with the bright truth of a step-by-step demonstration of reality. But out of site out of mind.

nanc said...

that's because the left have their fingers in their ears, sophomorically repeating "i can't hear you - i can't hear you - i can't hear you!"

and they then have the gall to think they're "enlightened".

IOpian said...

In their Orwellian world truth is propaganda.

nanc said...

i feel sorry for them. probably why i like bickering with them at the 'tort. four of them have changed their minds about snowjobama. like my recovering (now deceased) alcoholic father used to say, "you cannot save another alcoholic if you're not willing to go where they are."

IOpian said...

Well I was once where they are... but that came to an end when I had to start the third grade.