Saturday, November 22, 2008

Victory in Iraq Day

Otherwise known as Piss Off/On a Limp-Wristed Navel-Gazing Liberal Day.

While the Obama team scrambles for imagery of greatness, a difficult task for one having yet to do actually do anything, we have greatness leading us and representing us in the here in now.

Given the sanitizing effect of time to cleanse the record of the emotional short-sightness of judgement for political gain we need only look back into history to get an idea of the types of actions, sometimes against popular opinion, that have filtered through time to give the kind of actions and long-term strategies that have brought real change in the world and real hope that the destiny of man is to be freed from the whims of evil people.

Harry Truman was despised in his time, ridiculed for his commoner ways, the way he spoke and his dedication to those in his family. Against the popular thoguhts of his time he integrated the military forces which had the effect of giving negroes the same opportunities of the GI Bill. He acted against the will of the people intervening in Korea costing many American lives but there now exists a free and prosperous South Korea. He changed the way vanquished foes were treated with the Marshall Plan and there now exists a free and prosperous Europe protected by the military shield of NATO. History recalls very little of the legislative bills he vetoed or the speeches he made in comparison to these major events. As time passes only the major events will matter. We have come to realize that Truman, despised in his time and ridiculed for how he spoke, is regarded as one of out great Presidents.

Though not necessarily for the cause of freedom but who remembers the admistrative skills or speeches of Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hannibal, Caesar or Churchill ? That is only the domain of historians. What we remember are their actions that changed the world. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. But that they changed the world is never forgotten.

Now we come to the point that because of men of real character and courage the incoming administration need only to arrange the shipping of equipment home from Iraq and where to deploy the returning troops. They will be little more than our military and Bush's busboys. After killing or capturing thousands of terrorist I am sure some will be deployed in the search for one terrorist leader where the 'real war' is we've been told. They never clue in on the fact that when we pounded Afghanistan there was a movement of terrorists to Iraq for safe haven . When we pounded Iraq we now see terrorists running back to Afghanistan. But hey the Dems see it as two wars right? Once they get a couple of years of hands-on experience they'll get a clue.

But what Bush and the Coalition lead by the US Military forces have done is of historic proportions. Nobody remembers Clinton's world changing actions, there were only negative minor ones like runnig from Soalia and not pulling the trigger on OBL because of lawyer's concerns. But it will remember that in the cradle of civilization, where never in thousands of years have a people been free to choose their own destinies, there now exists one and it is stabilizing by the day. So much so that we are losing more people in South Chicago weekend than a month in Iraq. The names of Bush and the US Military will go in the same sentence when people decades now talk about this. The most likely phrase will be 'when Bush liberated Iraq'.

Top that Obama.


Anonymous said...

Don't temp him. Infamy today is often confused w/fame.

IOpian said...

I can see him freeing the 325 million Arabs from the oppressive fist of the 7 million Israelis.