Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Good, The Bad & The Crazy

There is the old philosophical question of whether Man is inherently evil or good. Entire discussions will emanate from such a simple question. What is evil? What is good? I can lean either way. Sometimes humans are capable of noble efforts. Other times they are nothing but beasts. I believe this core view of the world we experience is part of our politics. Ultra progressives, like the Obama cult, tend to, I think, lean to the side of people being inherently good and interested in reasoning out differences. They see evil as being the sole domain of mean, rich, white Republicans. To them people like Chavez, Castro, Ahmadinejad, HAMAS and an other revolutionaries involved in the struggle to liberate their people from the evils of capitalism are simply misunderstood and we should hear out their grievances.

What those like their Dear Leader fail to accept is that sometimes, such as those tyrants I have previously mentioned, ... sometimes they are simply bat-shit crazy and want power to give a rise to their ego to compensate for other things in their lives that fail to rise. Sometimes it may simply be they think they are setting things right for actions that have diminished them in their own self image. Who understands crazy? Well maybe a TV viewer that can watch late night static and follow the storyline.

Surely Obama can identify aggrandizing the ego as not being the key to good governance.

So the questions of the day... Is Little Kim good, evil or bat-shit crazy? Do you think he could be reasoned with ? Do you talk to him as if he were an equal or some petty little tyrant that you could wipe out like a fly. The Bush administration talked to him and got results. Was that because they kept the fact that he was but a fly and lucky we were treating him as an equal while leaving the impression in his head of the flyswatter?


Anonymous said...

He can be reasoned with, just so long as he's empty handed and you've a .45 in yours.

IOpian said...

Make him an offer he can't refuse ?

Anonymous said...

Precisely. It can't be done from a position of weakness or even equality. He won't think your serious.

nanc said...

his ilness is batsh*t evil crazy!

evil is an aspect of our lives we're in constant battle with - even the best of people have noted that within themselves at the end of their lives.

you CANNOT reason with a person who CHOOSES to stay in that place. ever.

check this out:

"I'm telling you Satan walks among us and he's got tiny feet.

A) SLOTH - Doesn't see the cookie, doesn't care to find the bathroom, stands and pees in pants.
B) ENVY - Sees cookie, wants cookie, holds out hand to keep balance while reeling in jealousy.
C) GLUTTONY - Has cookie, has another cookie.
D) PRIDE - Who needs cookies when you're this good looking? You do kid. If you had the cookie people would be looking at you.
E) GREED - Sees cookie, wants cookie, concocts diabolical plan to steal bigger cookie.
F) WRATH - Going to smash C's head in and eat the cookie from his remains.
G) LUST - Sees cookie, wants to eat cookie."

i can attest to most of this having had two children in close age in the house at the same time - GOODNESS MUST be taught, but badness is already there. it all depends upon how we reward each.

Paladin said...

The greatest lie the Devil ever spawned was that he didn't exist.

IOpian said...

I often get a chuckle out of how culture has brought about this imagery of the horned evil looking one. It is a sad statement to Christian culture that he is portrayed this way when in fact he is exactly the opposite. If he manifests as a human then he would be attractive, trusted, perceived as a really smart guy and we would fall for his rhetoric of hope and change... wait, that sounds awfully familiar..