Monday, November 03, 2008

Polls Schmolls

Do polls express reality or the hopes of the left ?

I see MSNBC is calling PA for Obama.

You know just in case of likely disappointment I am mentally preparing myself. If I could survive one Carter administration I can survive a second one.

I guess I probably should go ahead and buy that shotgun I was looking at. Pick up a few more while I can do it or say anything about it.

Goodbye America, you gave it a good run but your worthless children of the 60's are about to piss on all your efforts.

Third World... here we come.

If Obama takes Ohio it is over.
All he needs now is Iowa and we have to put up with piped piper of the idiot tribes for four years.

We are now officially and Idiocrocy. Looks like the hopes of the left outweigh sanity.


nanc said...

i've been thinking the same thing, iopian - the people who interest themselves in polls are generally those who make a business of voting in every single poll (THRICE OR MORE) in order to skew public opinion.

very few people are truly enlightened as to where the candidates stand on issues - case in point was the sal on the street at howard stern - it comes down to this:

1. people who have studied the issues and will vote their conscience or faith.

2. yellow dogs whose families have been one or the other party since the beginning of time.

3. idiots.

IOpian said...

Yes it is disheartening to think you can spend hours trying to be an informed voter and it is nullified in an instant by a single dullard or ACORN manufactured vote.

But I like to make meaningless gut instinct guessing just to validate mt conjuring. My guess is no better than anyone's but my hunch is that if McCain takes Pennsylvania the Bomster needs to get back to D.C. and dust off his Senate desk.

Ohio is hard to say because of the corruption factor but I think McCain takes Florida too. It isn't going to be close. It will break large one way or the other. But Penn going red will be a bad omen for the Dems.

nanc said...

obama by 17 electoral votes.

God save u.s.

IOpian said...

Now we can begin our 8 years of payback with the newly elected idiot liar in chief.

Now the blacks have no excuse for their condition.

IOpian said...

There is one thing that is apparent... all the money that has been shoveled into our education system for the last forty years has been an abysmal waste.

nanc said...

buy them books, send them to school and they eat the teacher!

yes, may we give this one what the last one received, in spades (that doesn't sound right, does it?)