Monday, November 24, 2008

Uhbama's Press Conference

I uh caught a bit of the uh OotPE press conference today and it uh gave me the impression that uh the next four..uh years are going to be a little uh, uh difficult to uh not be distracted by an unnerving uh speech oddity. Now the uh press were very uh professional acting. Uh nobody asked if he had made any uh mistakes, or uh brought up his lie about uh public finance.. so uh maybe it will be like the old days before the uh BDS pandemic. Now uh the press sees this irritating habit as uh the signs of a great intellect uh contemplating his next thought. Having been uh well uh I must admit that . uh uh was once a rather heavy cocaine and pot smoker myself during my uh youth and I uh see it as trying to navigate uh the holes burnt into the uh brain and retain enough uh neuron firings to uh remeber the whole thought.

I do hope that uh Chris Matthews does uh uh not faint should he ask a question of his idol... Chris... let me save you the uh time... the answer is Hanes boxers.


nanc said...

i had to turn it to the home shopping network - it was reminiscent of the adults in all the charlie brown shows, "wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah!"

he was somewhat okay until he started taking questions and i cannot bear all that hemming and hawing.

IOpian said...

He is such a arrogant little pretender. The press was so fake too. Now they want to act professional and unbiased. Juveniles all.

IOpian said...

Juvenile in Chief. Looks ridicules with that Office of the President-Elect. Surprised he doesn't have some little toy tanks and airplanes behind him with the basketball.